Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


The Scrunchie Shot was created for nights you won’t forget. Match it to your outfit, fill with your choice of beverage, and have fun!


You should always know what is going into your body - especially when it comes to drinking. With the Scrunchie Shot, you can keep your shot on you at all times.


Every online business comes at a cost to the environment. We are aware of that impact. Read more about our commitment to the environment below!

Our Story

Our Story

Starting as a class project, four University of Michigan students were on a mission to design a better flask. Motivated by gamedays, the girls created Scrunchie Shot to sneak their pick-me-ups into stadiums, concerts, restaurants, and everywhere they desired. 

(Left to right) Alison Vogg, Catherine Loder, Heather Gaynor, Justine Abbo

Our Sustainability Statement

Low-waste Shipping
Even as a small business, our online sales have a big impact on shipping. That’s why our mailers are biodegradable and recyclable. Our retail tag (remove the elastic band) and card are recyclable and compostable.

100% Cotton Fabric
From what we understand, fibers made from plastic can leak into our water systems when washed. We plan to continue using only cotton fabric.

A Step toward Plant Dyes
Chemical dyes are dumped into water systems, failing rivers, lakes and streams that feed agriculture and communities. This is why we introduced our first ever plant-dyed Scrunchie Shot this April “Ocean Water”. We know it can’t stop there, so our goal is to change 20% of our product line with plant-dyed fabric within a year, starting with our bestsellers.

End of Use Scrunchie Shots
We know nothing lasts forever, and we invite you to deconstruct your Scrunchie Shot at the end of its use. They make very nice hair scrunchies. The black end plug is recyclable as HDPE plastic, and the cork is biodegradable (remove the screw and elastic tie). As for the silicone flask, we haven’t yet come up with a perfect end use. Possibly a boba straw. We welcome any suggestions. 

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